Chiropractic Care

We can help gently bring you back to total wellness, addressing the underlying causes of pain. We treat a wide conditions and our goal is to empower you to sustain and maintain optimal health.

Water provides the optimal conditions for treatment. Water's nautral buoyancy allows one to feel weightless, which is soothing as weightlessness relieves muscle tension while adjustments are made.

Swim skills are not necessary to enjoy the benefits of this unique modality.
Warm water soothes and relaxes the body so you get the most out of your treatment.

Aquatic Thearpy and Exercise

Aquatic Therapy is the safest form of rehabilitation. The water offers buoyant support for the body, resistance to bodily movement, a natural reduction in pain in a relaxing environment. When patients get in the water they have the support of the water for flotation and thus don’t have the fear that they are going to fall which ultimately makes them feel safe!

Aquatic Therapy offers patients the quickest way to return to normal daily activities.

After injury, patients re-learn “functional” skills of daily life then translate those skills back to land where gravity is reintroduced.
Some of the many commonly treated conditions are:
Acute or chronic pain
Auto accident related injuries
SLE (Lupus)
Arthritis (DJD and RA)
Neurological conditions
Multiple Sclerolis (MS)
Muscle sprains/strains
Hip, knee, back or shoulder injuries
Spinal stenosis
Herniated discs
Pre & post op joint replacement
Obesity/Weight Loss
Decreased range of motion
Prenatal and postnatal symptoms

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Benefits include:
General enhanced blood flow,
Enhanced nutrient supply and removal of wastes
Enhanced cardiac functions
Enhanced physical fitness, endurance, strenght and energy levels
Enhanced prevention
Enhanced concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation Enhanced life quality.

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