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by Michelle McLaferty on August 16th, 2018  ‚ÄčI'm so grateful to be featured in this magazine, LA Voyage, introducing local businesses. 12 years ago, I had passed the Chiropractic board exams and was immersed in a rigorous post-grad Radiology Residency. I was honored to be accepted into that residency, yet my health, and spirit, felt drained. I made vision boards in my limited spare time. Looking back, there were so many beautiful pools and resorts on those vision boards, even though I spent 90% of my time indoors during those years! Taking the plunge to exit that program early in 2007 when I serendipitously had an opportunity to train/work with an aqua therapy expert in LA felt extremely scary, and I made very little money in the beginning. 10 years later, however, I feel so excited helping so many clients, and teaching others, in this unconventional and extremely rewarding field that keeps unfolding, evolving, and surprising me every day! Follow Your Dreams!

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