Hydro Fitness

H2O Cross Training

Hydro-Fitness combined with Water Tai Chi (Ai Chi) offers an extremely efficient, comprehensive full body workout. Our personalized Hydro-Fitness training emphasizes cardiovascular exercise, core stability, upper and lower body toning, as well as balance training. Its an ideal adjunctive tool for recovery from pain, injury, surgery, arthritis, etc.
After a Hydro-Fitness workout, Ai Chi can be added at the end of your session.
Water Tai Chi (Ai Chi) is an effective tool to slow down your breathing, relax the body, and awaken the mind-body-spirit connection that is vital for health and wellness. Ai Chi strengthens the important connection between the mind and body, boosting the performance of your metabolism, and helping you to reach a state of complete calm.

Water is an ideal place to take the first step to health and fitness because it can be adapted and modified to the individual depending upon their particular needs. The beauty of exercising in the water is that it can provide a strenuous work-out for the elite athlete or can be tailored to meet the needs of the novice. Water is a perfect place for the person who has joint problems to start exercising in because it allows the effects of gravity to be diminished and allows movements to occur that would be painful and difficult on land. For the injured runner it allows them to maintain their aerobic function while not causing further damage. Deep water running has proven very successful to many world class athletes who have overuse injuries. The usage of water exercise equipment (eg: soft foam dumbbells, aqua gloves, ankle cuffs and resistant paddles) allows clients to build muscle without using weights.

Our philosophy of health and patient-care is aligned with a rehab/physiothearpy approach focused on long-term, preventative wellness – advocating active care and lifetime wellness.

Group Classes

We offer full hour of Hydro-Fitness group classes (groups of 3 or more participants) incorporating cardiovascular, upper and lower body strengthening and cool-down
-Inquire about the scheduled dates and fees.

Class outline:
10 min: Warm-up

40 min: Cardiovascular Exercise (shallow water exercises, running, deep water exercises with interval training bursts to increase heart rate)

Buoyancy Noodles are provided for flotation in the deep water
Sample exercises: water jogging, jumping-jacks, cross-country skiing, scissor kicks, side-leg lifts, pendulum kicks (side-to-side), abdominal tucks, bicycle
Both high and lower intensity versions of each exercise are demonstrated to meet individual fitness levels
10 min: Cool-down with Balance and Resistance Exercises

Bring heart rate back to resting level
1-leg balance, weight-shifting left-to-right foot with eyes open and eyes closed
Hamstring curls, lunges, squats, biceps/triceps curls, lat pull-downs
Water Tai Chi (Ai Chi), Focused Breathing exercises, and Stretches