Water Traction

Traction is a widely used treatment for low back or neck pain, providing spinal elongation and increasing intervertebral space. It inhibits pain, decreases mechanical stress, and helps reduce muscle spasm and spinal nerve root compression.

Manual Therapy

Hands on treatment techniques (i.e. massage, sub-occipital release, joint mobilization, acupressure, stretching, etc)

Gait Training

Techniques to improve one’s ability to walk, balance, and move freely.

Arm Exercises

Strengthening, endurance training

Leg Exercises

Strengthening, endurance training

Balance & Coordination

Strengthening, endurance training

Water Stretching

Muscles are elongated to their fullest length to improve elasticity, flexibility and range of motion.

Mask & Snorkel Exercises

Guided by an experienced therapist, these exercises allows the client to have passive range of motion as well as extremely gentle active range of motion with the cervical spine completely supported in a neutral position that is impossible to replicate while exercising on the land.